NETELLER verification is necessary to reach higher NETELLER limits and to be able to withdraw money at your own bank.
Clients of eWallet-Optimizer profit from special fast-track NETELLER verification agreement with NETELLER.

By following the instructions below your account will be verified much faster with a free and instant Bronze Pro VIP Upgrade.

  1. Register your NETELLER account with us.
  2. Verify your account with the instructions below.
  3. Fill the form to get your account upgraded to Bronze Pro VIP level.

How to verify my Neteller account?

Please follow the easy steps below to verify your Neteller account.

  • Once you are signed into your Neteller account, it is likely you will see either the yellow ‘Limited functionality’ message if your account has been disabled or the blue ‘Verify your account’ message if your account is not disabled.
Account not-disabled - verification message
Account disabled - verification message
    • Begin the process of verifying your account, click on the ‘Verify your Identity‘ button. You will then be taken through to the verification interface.
    • Depending on your country, you will then be asked whether you want to verify your account with Facebook. By clicking “Verify with Facebook” you are giving explicit consent for Neteller to access and process your registered personal information for purposes of Identity Verification. Identity verification via Social Media is based on automated decision-making algorithms applied by Hello Soda on behalf of Neteller.
    • If you decide against Facebook verification, you will need to upload photos of the front and back of your photo ID. You can upload either your passport, driving licence or identity card. The images you upload must be clear and show all 4 corners of the document. (Alternatively, you can choose to verify your account via the Neteller app by downloading the app and following the steps there)

      Take a selfie via webcam or Upload a photo with note (follow the on-screen instructions).

  • You now have to upload the address document. Choose the document type and upload the correct document to move forward with the process – a utility bill or bank statement (not older than 90 days) is usually the best document.
    Please note, it has to be a recent document showing your full name and address.

    You will be able to track all stages of verification of your account in this window.The results of the verification of documents will come to the email specified during registration.


Yes, you can use the NETELLER mobile app to fully verify your NETELLER account. The process is simple and easy. On you profile page you can scan your ID document and also take the selfie and upload it directly to NETELLER. If you do not have the app installed yet, please check our NETELLER App page for further info.

Check the following steps and screenshots to see how those steps looks like by using your mobile app to verify your account:

  • Enter the NETELLER mobile app personal account;
  • Go to “Document Scanning”;
  • Select a document from the list – driver’s license, passport or ID-card;
  • Correctly set it, paying attention to the frame that appears when the document is placed correctly. As soon as a green frame appears around all sides of the document, the photo is taken automatically;
  • Repeat the procedure with the second side of the document;
  • The third step will be prompted to selfie. A frame appears with the outline of the face. With the correct location of the face in this frame for 5 seconds. a photo will be taken (there will be a countdown on the screen).

Upon successful verification, a message will appear that “documents are uploaded and pending”.